Blue Ribbon Campaign

Blue Ribbon of the EFF

In honor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, I support the Blue Ribbon Campaign. Therefor I feel it’s only fair that I give it it’s own page. While I haven’t donated any money (largely in my quest to save for my future, but that’s a personal thing) I do believe in the cause of the EFF. I actually researched them after watching Lawerence Lessig’s presentation on copyrights. (better known as Free Culture)

Also found my school had their site blocked, and afterwards I made sure it was promptly unblocked.  Of course that didn’t fall necessarily on the school itself, as it was through the proxy. Which was a district thing. For the sake of protecting basic human rights and your civil liberties, I encourage you if you’re reading this page now to be sure to stay researched and stay informed about current events in the world around you. Understand your life. And become a life long learner.


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